The Manby┼Ź no Reiyaku (MnR) School welcomes everyone interested in its following self-healing training in Spain.

During the course, we will introduce you to the practices of the original Japanese Reiki system that are not- or just barely known in the West.

These practices are specifically focused on self-healing and helping our loved ones.
The essence of the method lies in its simplicity. There is no need to memorize complicated exercises as these are completely natural and logical movements. In short, “Put your hands where it hurts!”

We gradually learn e.g. to meditate, reduce fever, the daily self-healing and how to treat our pets or the plants we love.

If you want to learn the basics of the original Japanese Reiki system from a reliable source, you are in the right place. Master Dae Chong (the founder of the MnR School) and his students teach only materials from certified sources. Their knowledge and experiences of the original Japanese Reiki were gradually expanded, following the guidance of Japanese Masters.

We would like to help you support yourself and your loved ones through this healing method.

Date and location of the next English-language course in Spain:

June 27th and 28th, Gran Canaria, Spain

(Emergency training / attunement will be also available in Gran Canaria from July 2020.)

In case of interest or application, please contact Seijin at