Do you want to help yourself and / or your loved ones and are you looking for complementary medicine?

Then you may be interested in the Manbyō no Reiyaku self-healing training.

Our school’s curriculum focuses specifically on self-healing and helping our loved ones.

Over a weekend, you will learn the self-healing practices of the original Japanese Reiki system, which can bring a new kind of harmony to your life and that of your loved ones, even on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

We applied all the practices for years, both for ourselves and for others, before Dae Chong sensei started incorporating them into this system. Our experiences show that self-healing and healing others with these original Japanese Reiki practices is faster and, in many cases, more effective than with the practices we have previously known in the West.

Takata sensei must have changed the system for some reason when she brought Reiki to the Western world. We are grateful to her that these teachings may have appeared here as well. But today we have the opportunity to learn the practices of the original Japanese Reiki system, helping ourselves and our loved ones through self-healing and treating others.

We teach only the original Japanese Reiki practices, which are free from those changes caracterizing the Hayashi-Takata branch.

You’re welcome to join us at our Manbyō no Reiyaku school in self-healing training courses. Let’s make the world and our homes a healthier place together.

Our next training class in Barcelona will be:

July 2020

(Emergency training / attunement will also be available in Barcelona from July 2020.)

In case of interest or application, please contact Seijin at