The training is for anyone who has been searching for a self-healing method that can help them improve their well-being and self-awareness. It is important that those who come to this training would be willing to help and support other people, because in the fee of the training it is included that someone from a developing country can learn the method for free. So everyone who attends the training makes it possible for someone in a developing country to attend a Manbyō no Reiyaku training there.

Master Dae Chong, the developer of the Manbyō no Reiyaku training, worked in Europe for 20 years as a healer and teacher. He will be continuing his work in Asia and Africa in the next few years. He will be travelling throughout the two continents to teach this method to the local people in need for free. His next trip is planned for 2019 and until 2023 he is planning to visit countries in Asia and Africa every year.